There is still something...

Dare to do what you really want to do. Courageously leave the familiar framework. See through your own patterns. Find the lightness of being. Taking the first adventurous step. Stay with it.


Transition time

Change is a permanent factor in every phase of life. You can learn to bring about desired changes, to reshape unwanted changes, but most of all to develop an inner stability that accepts external and internal changes - of any kind - with composure. I will gladly support you in your change process.

With the change of our body, we also become aware of the transience of life. This deep insight can help us to look at our life from a different perspective - beyond what we think we are and what we think we see "out there".



To go through the menopause slim and fit, you don't have to chastise yourself. With an adapted diet, you can respond to the hormonal changes and positively influence hormone production. You don't have to go hungry to do this, you just have to know what and also how you should eat during this transition period. With this knowledge you can face the menopause calmly and relaxed.

Meditation can help us to deal differently with what we experience inside and outside. We can become free from habitual views that prevent us from moving on. This makes it possible for us to shape our life in a self-determined way and not just in a self-responsible way.

About Me

I am trained in Mental Training, Business Health Coaching, Systemic Family Constellation, Hypnotherapy, EMDR Trauma Technique and Meditation and have been accompanying people in change and development processes since 2001.

Having reached the age of 50+ myself a few years ago, it is my great wish to encourage and inspire women during this time and to provide them with the means to use this time to their advantage.